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MIAMI — Sunday night after the VMAs, the A-list parties outnumbered the amount of Moonmen Jay-Z won.

Heck, the A-list parties seemed to outnumber the problems Jay-Z raps about in his current hit record.

"Seeing artists take a chance in front of the world.

Back on the streets of Miami, even in the wee morning hours, it seemed like no one wanted to go home. The night before the big show, it seemed like all of Miami had one thing on the brain: partying.

The two discussed some future shows they may do together before Usher, seemingly exhausted, flopped down on a couch because of some bad news: his ride wasn't there.

The Maybach pulled up to the door less than a minute later, but Usher couldn't leave just yet.

At the head of the table was an actual throne, flanked by bodyguards dressed in black who kept watch while King Raymond stood up and took pictures.

Seemingly a little overwhelmed by the never-ending line of bodies trying to get near him, he took a breather and was alerted that "the performance was about to start." "Y'all have to see this," he announced. Acrobats climbed to the top of two structures that hung over the pool and then flipped and swung from ropes. The spectacle turned back toward the floor at poolside, but the spotlight wasn't on Usher and his pals, or even on Lil' Kim, who was walking nearby.

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The shindig everybody — including Ludacris and our own Sway, John Norris and Su Chin Pak — had to hit was the afterparty held in honor of Usher Raymond IV.

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